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Embraced by history and surrounded in tranquillity, it is an amazingly beautiful place near the Gintarai mound, on the left bank of the River Minija. During the 16th to 17th century, Kartena Manor stood on the mound, surrounded by 3 ponds and the Evangelical Reformed Church in the vicinity. It is believed that a fire destroyed the manor in the middle of the 17th century, during wars with the Swedes. The hill is called Cherry Hill by the locals, and is famous for a variety of legends. One of them says that the landlord of Kartena Manor was very fond of cherries and planted a large garden of them. Swedes burnt the manor, but the garden survived and embellished the hill with white flowers every spring. Therefore, it got the name Cherry Hill. Cherry Manor opened its doors to visitors in the spring of 2015, offering a great opportunity to stay there, to celebrate important anniversaries, and to organize conferences. The design of the exterior of the wooden manor buildings and interior of its premises were inspired by the wooden manors of Samogitia.